At PineHills, we offer

online marketing solutions

From the evaluation of a business idea, analysis of a lean startup, through implementation of strategies and online ad campaigns, creating and optimizing email lists and email marketing, you will find all the support you need to boost your idea into a scalable business.

Creative Strategy


Entrepreneurs and companies alike, need to assess, plan and act creatively to compete in the online market. In PineHills we evaluate each case to determine an actionable plan.

  • Analysis of the case from a creative perspective.
  • Development of a strategic plan of action.
  • Evaluation of the results.
Online Marketing

If you want to sell products or services on the web , you must have an online advertising platform and proper management of your audience and content creation.

  • Market trends and consumer research.
  • Build or improve your email list.
  • Personalized plan and tools.
Social Media

Social Media are a important tool to sustain the strategies and marketing plan in the web. In PineHills we show you how to manage your presence on the social networks.

  • Determine which social networks you should use.
  • Develope a work plan to create content.
  • We give you the templates and wokflow to achieve your goals

We offer educational services that include coaching, consulting, training and online courses, so you can manage all aspects of your online business.

  • Access our training and online resources.
  • Participate in our seminars and mastermind groups.
  • Take advantage of one-on-one coaching.